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Workers’ Compensation

It is unfortunate, but despite all of the safety measures that employers and employees take, every year numerous workers suffer job-related illnesses or injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job or contracted an occupational illness due to your work environment, don’t take on the added stress of dealing with workers’ compensation claims on your own. Sullivan Whitehead & DeLuca LLP is here to help.

Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation is a highly specialized area in the law and you will want an attorney familiar with the law and procedures applicable to your case. If you will be out of work for a substantial amount of time or if you have suffered a permanent injury, our workers’ compensation legal team has a proven track record of success in getting our clients the best possible outcome. If you hire Sullivan Whitehead & DeLuca LLP for your case, we guarantee that we will do everything we can to maximize your compensation. 

There is no cost to hire a workers’ compensation attorney. If we take your case to court and we are successful, attorney’s fees will be paid by the insurance company, not by you. 

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