Judgment for divorce was entered in 2008.  However, this does not mean the matter has ended.  Since then the parties have been back and forth to court on several additional petitions including a Motion for Contempt in which the Court found that John Tworog had violated the terms of the original judgment where he was permitted to stay in the marital home for a period of 2 1/2 years provided that he paid the mortgage and upkeep.  John failed to do so and also exhausted a dormant credit line that was issued to both parties.  The lower court found John in contempt and awarded attorney fees as well.  John filed a pro se appeal only to have the Rhode Island Supreme Court rule that his petition was basically unintelligible and upheld the lower court’s ruling of contempt.  John is ordered to pay $69,000 plus interest.  Is there another round to this marriage?  Let’s wait and see.  Entire text can be found at:  Tworog v. Tworog