Motorcycle Helmets.  In Rhode Island motorcycle laws require that helmets be worn by the following:

–      motorcycle operator under the age of 21;

–      all new motorcycle operators, regardless of age, for a period of one year from the date of issuance of the first license; and,

–      any motorcycle passenger, regardless of age.

Passengers, in addition to wearing a helmet, must be provided with a separate rear seat, a separate foot-rest, and an appropriate handlebar or grip for his or her use. A passenger under twelve (12) years old must have a properly secured back-rest or equivalent, shall have his or her feet placed upon the foot-rest, and shall be seated behind the operator unless a side car is provided. RIGL § 31-10.1-6.

Motorcycle Required Equipment. Under Rhode Island motorcycle laws, operators of motorcycles

–      shall use eye protection of a type approved by the administrator of the division of motor vehicles when operating their vehicles on streets and highways; and

–      the motorcycle shall be equipped with a rear view mirror.

This required equipment is in addition to Rhode Island’s motorcycle helmet requirements described above.  RIGL § 31-10.1-4.