The Rhode Island Supreme Court has upheld the decision of the Family Court ordering that respondent sell his property to satisfy child support arrearage.  In a case that has been in the court for over 5 years, the appellant, proceeding pro se, was made to sell his assets via appointment of a commissioner.  His home and boat were ordered sold.  He was also ordered to liquidate his insurance policies.  The appellant had raised three issues before the Rhode Island Supreme Court:  (1) the Family Court lacked jurisdiction to enter the appealed orders; (2) it was error for the Family Court to order the sale of his home; and (3) various judicial improprieties occurred in the Family Court throughout the course of the litigation.  He lost on all three.  His home was sold at the appraised market value.  See entire opinion at court’s website: Jo-An Krivitsky v. Brian D. Krivitsky, No. 10-267 (April 17, 2012)